Our journey began in 2006 with a fiery mix of spice and passion leading to our first venture, Caraway in London. Caraway was an instant hit with the local diners and quickly became one of the most popular restaurants in East London. By popular demand, we ventured into the event management and catering sector quickly making our mark with bespoke solutions and unmistakable quality.


Turmeric Root by Caraway Collection is our latest offering to a niche clientele who appreciate good food, elegant design and are passionate about their events. The events we design will create happy memories for a long time to come. Our events bear the hallmarks of unmistakable quality, delicious cuisine and seamless client engagement from start to finish. The aim is not to meet but exceed your expectations, and our unmatched ability to present superb cuisine in challenging, off-site locations and execute seamless, sophisticated service has made us the first choice of many major corporations, special-events planners and private and cultural institutions. The Turmeric Root package integrates a variety of services.